Kingdom to Culture



In order to accomplish this initiative in achievable steps, we are breaking it into two phases. The first phase will focus on the video and music environments, making an effort to encourage creative work. Phase two will expand those environments, emphasizing the quality of creative work.

Phase 1 goals


Raise $150,000

This initial capital investment will equip two venues—one for music and visual arts, and one for thought leadership—and provide six-month salary for an initiative director. Phase one of this initiative will run through June of 2018, and we are finalizing budget details for a second phase that will run through June of 2019.


Identify creatives

These can be creatives from any field. Beginning with the creatives within Good Shepherd, and through our encouragement and discipling of them, our desire is to gather this community.


Identify superfans

Early adopters. Grassroots members. Passionate supporters. They go by many names, but superfans serve as the base of any movement. These are the individuals who will carry a movement forward through volunteering and supporting this creative ministry.


Disciple the first 50 creatives

Kingdom to Culture is more than just a creative environment for people. It will be an environment in which creatives can grow as followers of Jesus and as skilled artists and innovators. Intentional mentorship and leadership development of these first 50 creatives will create the flywheel to multiply discipleship to hundreds of creatives.