Kingdom to Culture


Since creativity is a universal human attribute, your church is already full of creativity. ... The question to ask is, ‘How are we tapping into that creativity?’
— Mike Cosper

As a community of people growing into greater likeness of Jesus, the church is designed and called to once again lead the way in regards to creativity and innovation. As one of the most creative generations in history, the 1.2 million Portland-area residents under the age of 40 are innately designed by God to respond to unexpected expressions of God-centered creativity.

This is the reason we are starting this initiative. Encouraging and equipping creative expression in three specific areas—visual arts, music, and thought leadership—will dynamically connect us to this creative generation by offering opportunities to worship God in unexpected ways.

As Good Shepherd returns to the historical roots of Jesus' church by becoming a hub of creativity, this creative generation will discover more connection to faith and the church.



Not many things shape a culture like its songs. Encouraging the development of music and musicians will help shape the overall culture of our church and community.


Visual arts

Photography. Videography. Graphic design. Art. Each of these are visual representations of God's creative world.


Thought leadership

Great ideas are generated when challenges of the day are met by creative thinkers. While God has given us human intelligence, He offers something far greater—spiritual wisdom.